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Notes on a WordPress Migration
Back in June, I was contacted by local photographer, Peggy Iileen Johnson, who has had an online presence for many years as Her website was originally designed to be an HTML only site. In 2008, she added a WordPress installation under the ‘/blog/’ sub-directory — something that used to be a common way to […] Read more »

New iPhone SE for ME
I think I’ve plunged into the dark side . . . I’ve landed in iOS land with a brand new iPhone SE! You see, I’d been using an HP/Palm Pre 3 for the last 4 years or so and really loved it.  I’ve only exclusively used phones with a  physical keyboard since I started using […] Read more »

Export WordPress Data
Several of my clients use the Events Made Easy WordPress plugin to book classes. It works great and even has the option to export *.csv files from the registration data. However, there isn’t a way to set the order of the fields or draw certain, specific information, which my clients need to be able to do, that […] Read more »

Simple Tab-Slide WordPress Plugin
To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about creating WordPress plugins. I needed a Tab-Slide Out Plugin for WordPress but none of the ones I could find did just what I wanted them to do. So I found out is that it isn’t really very hard to start a plugin — it’s very […] Read more »

Palm Pre 2 – My New Cell Phone
When I accidentally dropped my phone into a storm drain last spring, I had a decision to make. I had been carrying insurance on the phone so I thought it would be simple to just get a free replacement – Hah! The phone was a Verizon Pre Plus running webOS ‘Meta-Doctor’ version 2.1. I’d had […] Read more »

Taking A Walk
I decided to take a walk this morning, even though the weather was threatening.  I was thinking about dad. One of the last things that he could really take pleasure in was taking a walk through the neighborhood. I was remembering him as I walked our familiar route. On the walk, with the cold spring […] Read more »

Virtually Complete
As I said in my last post,  my next step in my Web Server transformation process would be to use Oracle’s Virtualbox software to install a trial run of Ubuntu Server so I could better familiarize myself with the in’s and out’s  of both Ubuntu and Apache 2 Webserver. My only previous experience with serving […] Read more »

Forging Ahead
The thing about trying to figure out who you are after spending years and years with someone with dementia is that you first of all need to try and remember who you were. That isn’t as easy as it seems like it should be.  Maybe it’s just because I have never been someone who always […] Read more »

If it ain't broke. . .
Even though my web servers are clicking right along, I feel wrong not running an Apache web server instead of IIS.  But every time I try to make the switch, I run into some headache or another that gets me all worked up and I want to give up. I’ve spent all day today messing […] Read more »

Spring Computer Maintenance
For whatever reason, Spring is the season for upgrading and backing up my computer systems.  Maybe it’s because the weather isn’t quite good enough for outdoor barbecues but I still feel like really digging into a project. I’ve just upgraded my HTPC’s PVR software from the excellent GBPVR to nPVR (same software – just a […] Read more »