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New iPhone SE for ME

New iPhone SE for ME

I think I’ve plunged into the dark side . . . I’ve landed in iOS land with a brand new iPhone SE!

You see, I’d been using an HP/Palm Pre 3 for the last 4 years or so and really loved it.  I’ve only exclusively used phones with a  physical keyboard since I started using a smartphone back in 2003.  But it was very old and the webOS platform was just getting hammered from no app updates.  Facebook is gone, Spotify is gone. Those were the last straw for me.

To be honest, my eye has been wandering for over year but I hadn’t seen anything that tempted me. I’m not a big fan of the Android OS but when Blackberry released the ‘Priv’ I was sorely tempted.  The physical keyboard looked pretty nice but when I actually saw the size of the phone, I balked.

I just don’t see that many advantages to a larger phone.  I know they’re very popular now but I want a phone that fits easily and unobtrusively in my pocket – I don’t need to watch Netflix on my phone.  I have several tablets if I want to use something portable for, say, watching a movie on a plane.

Anyway, the iPhone SE just arrived on the scene a few months ago. The reviews were rather positive and the price point was very tempting.  In the end, I decided that, although the OS is the complete opposite of everything that I’ve adored about webOS, i.e., the flexibility and openness, the availability of apps and the integration of the OS between devices was just too easy to adopt.  I’ve had an iPad 3 for a few years and, while the main screen is completely dull and uninteresting, the apps just work.

So I guess you could say that I’ve gone for ease of use over absolute configurability.

I’m about a month in to using the iPhone SE and, for the most part, it’s just what I expected and very, very fast.  I have Spotify and Facebook back, the calls are clear, mail and contacts are easily synced through Outlook, etc.  I’m still getting used to using a virtual keyboard though.

And I’m just too old fashioned to trust Siri to do what I tell him/her/it to do.

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