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Unique Web Design

Unique Web Design

Hallelujah! Here’s one in the fight to encourage unique web design and interesting websites.

In her post on CMS Wire (Why It’s Time to Bring Creativity Back to Web Design) Beatriz Helena Ramos, makes a great argument for creating more uniquely designed websites. She writes about how “you can’t tell one site from another” and what might be done about it. I agree, wholeheartedly, with her premise regarding the sameness of so-called ‘flat-design’, which has really seemed to dissolve so many (particularly) blog sites into one big mass of indistinct chatter where it’s very hard to tell one blogger from another.

Here’s hoping that more web designers follow their gut and move away from the rigorous sameness of ‘flat design’! On my Astrology site “Pluto’s Child” I’ve kept an older WordPress theme and have really tried to avoid trying to make it look modern.  I like antiques and ‘old stuff’ and have tried to keep the old style look, even as I’ve update the functionality of the site.

It’s hard, though, to hold the line when I’ve seen so many new or updated websites start to all look the same. Maybe, though, the tide is turning and there will finally be more appreciation for one’s display of one’s personality on one’s own, personal website!

Rather than seek to make a website reach the ultimate in efficiency, why not encourage people to slow down a bit and have a look around?  Wouldn’t that be a fine way to improve the all important Bounce Rates?



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