Affordable Web Design & Maintenance

Affordable Web Design & Maintenance

Coppertree House Web Design

Affordable Web Design services to set up a new website quickly and affordably.
Update your existing website

Offering personal, affordable web design services for small businesses and individuals!

Web Design Hourly Rate
Web Design, Updates & Maintenance
$45 per hour

Tech Support

General Computer Help
(Teamviewer & Local)
$45 Per Hour

WordPress Base Installation


$250 ($125 Deposit to begin)

  • Complete WordPress Setup on my test site
  • Responsive Free Theme
  • Up To 5 Pages Included (client supplied content)
  • SEO Ready
  • XML Sitemap
  • Logo Integration (client supplied logo)
  • Social Media Icons & Links (client accounts)
  • Contact Page (Contact 7) installed & configured
  • Complete WordPress Setup on your web host using your domain (Upon your approval and final payment)

Custom WordPress Installation & Design


$500 + (Firm Bid – 50% deposit)

    • Complete WordPress Setup on my test site
    • Responsive Premium Theme (or bring your own)
    • Unlimited Customized Posts and Pages with client supplied content
    • Basic SEO configuration & XML Sitemap
    • Social Media Icons & Links (client accounts)
    • Logo & Graphics Integration (client supplied graphics)
    • WordPress and/or jQuery Plugins installed and configured
    • Custom CSS, PHP, jQuery & Javascript additions & functionality
Complete WordPress Setup on your web host using your domain (Upon your approval and final payment)

Maintenance Plan


$450 per year (12 hours) or $250 for 6 months (6 hours)

  • WordPress updates
  • WordPress Plugin & Theme updates
  • Announcements, Specials, Events, Pricing updates
  • SEO updates
  • New Pages & Customizations
  • Backups & Troubleshooting

Computer Support


$45 per hour.

  • Teamviewer Online Tech Support
  • In-Person Local Area (Eugene, Oregon)
  • Hardware & Software

Affordable Web Design and Maintenance

My focus is on creating interesting and unique websites with custom functionality for small business and individuals. I don’t sell web hosting or domain registration. I also don’t sell one-size-fits-all ‘Internet Marketing Bundles’. I’m not a Template designer or a Plugin builder. I’m offering affordable web design and maintenance services to help you establish and maintain just the kind of website you want, while helping you stay within a budget.
Of course, I’m happy to help you find a good web host and domain registrar, if needed, that fits your needs and budget. And I can help you find and interact with a reputable marketing consultant to augment your web presence with tailored strategies.
The truth is, building an Online Presence can be a daunting endeavor and changes happen very quickly. Creating a website is only one small piece of the puzzle. SEO strategies, Social Media presence, updated content (such as blog posts) — even old-fashioned advertising — all play a part in getting your message, your product, your ideas out to the rest of the world. I’ve been working online for more than two decades — long enough to see a lot of web trends come and go. To be completely honest, I can be pretty skeptical of the Next Big Thing.
You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars paying “tech geeks and gurus” to build what is supposed to be a ‘state of the art’ website, only to discover that it may be obsolete by the time it’s done. On the other hand, some web design companies will install a free WordPress theme claiming that they’re selling you a ‘Custom Designed Website’ — bill you accordingly — then disappear into virtual oblivion! Really? The fact is, WordPress is a free package (as are most other CMS software packages, along with many themes and fully functional plugins) built and updated by thousands of open-source developers. Installing WordPress really does only take 5 minutes! The challenge is in customizing and configuring the elements just the way you want them.


What I offer you is my experience in setting up and configuring WordPress and recommending worthwhile plugins that will suit your specific needs. I also offer a variety of legitimately purchased, premium WordPress themes built by other designers as part of my customized packages. I have installed, tested and worked with many of the available themes in order to become familiar with their flaws and potentials. Many times, specific features can be adapted to your needs and matched with other features in other themes.  Have a look!


Of course, WordPress can’t always do everything and pre-built plugins don’t always fit the bill. That’s where I can offer you extra knowledge and years of experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL coding that will allow more flexibility to create exactly the kind of functionality that you hope to see on your website.

Affordability for Small Business

You know that running a small business is hard work and requires knowledge, agility and adaptability. I’m interested in building personal relationships with a few, select clients who know the importance of an online presence but don’t want to spend all of their time working on their website. I’m ready to work with you to build exactly the kind of website you want. I’ll help you to navigate the ever-changing internet landscape, keep your site updated and help you stay connected to the broadest audience possible. But I won’t constantly be looking for ways to squeeze every last dime out of your online presence budget.

Note: All clients must have a web host and domain name of their own. (If you don’t have one I can help you get started.)


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