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WordPress + Twilio Text Notifications
Text notifications have become an important tool for communicating with clients and customers. Getting started with a Twilio account is free and the Twilio platform offers a number of exciting options for automating SMS & MMS communications. If you have a WordPress website, creating WordPress + Twilio text notifications turns out to be pretty simple! […] Read more »

Contact Form 7 Redirection
The Contact Form 7 Plugin is an incredibly useful plugin and a great addition to any WordPress Installation. It is very well supported and regularly updated. It does not, however, have a built-in redirect to a thank you page. Nonetheless, it has been very simple, to just use the on_sent_ok method to add a redirection […] Read more »

15 Free Website Listing Submissions
Here is a simple collection of links where you can submit a free website listing. There are a number of questionable and rather expensive business listing services, such as Yext and other so called Power Listing services. The truth is, many believe you’re better off to allow local search directories to populate over time. There […] Read more »

Adding Variables to Contact Form 7
I recently wanted to add the shopping cart contents of a WP Ultra simple Paypal Cart into Contact Form 7 so that the information from the cart was sent with the form when it was submitted.  Adding Variables to Contact Form 7 actually isn’t as difficult as I thought! First, I had to name the […] Read more »

Notes on a WordPress Migration
Back in June, I was contacted by local photographer, Peggy Iileen Johnson, who has had an online presence for many years as Her website was originally designed to be an HTML only site. In 2008, she added a WordPress installation under the ‘/blog/’ sub-directory — something that used to be a common way to […] Read more »

Self-Hosted Google Fonts
It has suddenly gotten very easy to have your own Self-Hosted Google Fonts on your website. Back in the old days, web site developers had to be satisfied with whatever font was set by the browser and also available on the browser’s PC.  The choices were limited, to say the least.  Google changed all that […] Read more »

Unique Web Design
Hallelujah! Here’s one in the fight to encourage unique web design and interesting websites. In her post on CMS Wire (Why It’s Time to Bring Creativity Back to Web Design) Beatriz Helena Ramos, makes a great argument for creating more uniquely designed websites. She writes about how “you can’t tell one site from another” and what […] Read more »

Goodbye Norma Bates: Letting go of the past
Can we ever escape the past? Maybe it isn’t about escaping the past but rather, letting go of the past.  When we’re trying to escape the past, aren’t we really just fighting an insane battle to cover it up and avoid the inevitability of letting it go?   I suppose, for Netflix viewers, I should […] Read more »

New iPhone SE for ME
I think I’ve plunged into the dark side . . . I’ve landed in iOS land with a brand new iPhone SE! You see, I’d been using an HP/Palm Pre 3 for the last 4 years or so and really loved it.  I’ve only exclusively used phones with a  physical keyboard since I started using […] Read more »

Export WordPress Data
Several of my clients use the Events Made Easy WordPress plugin to book classes. It works great and even has the option to export *.csv files from the registration data. However, there isn’t a way to set the order of the fields or draw certain, specific information, which my clients need to be able to do, that […] Read more »