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Affordable WordPress Maintenance Plans

Affordable WordPress Maintenance Plans

I’ve officially rolled out a new set of flexible maintenance plans that offer significant savings over many maintenance plans available elsewhere. The Coppertree House WordPress Maintenance plans start at $120 per year (not per month) for an Economy plan, including regular updates and backups. The Basic & Expanded plans also include installation of the Wordfence Security Plugin and security monitoring.

One of the advantages of website builders, such as Wix or SquareSpace is that maintenance is included in all their plans  They take care of all of the updates system wide. They are also active in maintaining security. WordPress installations, on the other hand, require regular core, theme and plugin updates along with security monitoring in order to remain secure and working smoothly. The costs of a WordPress website can add up very quickly when you start looking at WordPress Maintenance Plans.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really a fan of the website builder model. I work very hard to show how WordPress can be just as affordable an option. There are plenty of “WordPress vs Wix” comparisons around but the bottom line is that you will sacrifice a great deal of flexibility with a website builder platform and you may still end up needing to hire someone (like me) in order to have your website work the way you want it to. You’ll also discover that if you ever want to move your website to a new host, you will have to start over from scratch.

In order to approximate some of the advanced features available with WordPress, you can wind up dishing out $25 or $35 per month to Wix or SquareSpace.¬†But when looking around for a maintenance plan for WordPress, you may be very discouraged to find that you can easily spend $50 – $150 per month for a WordPress maintenance plan. Security, troubleshooting or support may not even be included in the monthly fee! There’s no question that WordPress offers many more features and flexibility but also no doubt that it can cost much more, both in set up as well as maintenance.

When developing the Coppertree House WordPress Maintenance Plans, I’ve tried to keep in mind the website builder model and offer more affordable options for maintaining your WordPress website.

I also offer 3 months of free support, maintenance and backups to all new website design clients!

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