WordPress Maintenance Plans

WordPress Maintenance Plans

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Coppertree House WordPress Maintenance Plans

The Web Changes Quickly.
Don’t Let Your Website Get Left Behind!

Keep Your Website Updated & Secure with Coppertree House WordPress Maintenance Plans!

starting @ $25/month with annual payment
Backups, Updates, Troubleshooting

$37.50/month (Annual Plan)
Basic Plan Plus Staging & 6 Hrs. Upgrades

starting @ $10/month for annual payment
Backups, Updates, Restoration

Basic Maintenance & Security Plan


$35 Month/$90 Quarter/$300 Year

  • Weekly WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates*
  • Weekly Content Backups (9 Weeks)
  • Daily Database Backups (60 Days)
  • Site Restoration from Backup
  • Database Optimization
  • Security Monitoring
  • Basic Troubleshooting* of WP core, Theme & Plugin updates
  • SSL certificate installation (SSL Certificate not included)
  • Discounted Hourly Rate ($45/hr.)
  • 3 Months Basic Maintenance included Free with any New Website

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Expanded Security & Maintenance Plan


$450 Year

  • Basic Security Plan PLUS
  • Up to 6 Hours customization and content updates included!
  • Development staging site for testing feature upgrades and content modifications.

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Economy Maintenance Plan


$15 Month/$40 Quarter/$120 Year

  • Monthly WordPress & Plugin Updates*
  • Monthly content backup
  • Monthly Database Backups
  • Site Restoration from Backup
  • Troubleshooting not included (Billed @ $45 per hour)
    — Failed or incompatible updates will be rolled back.
  • Security Monitoring not included (Billed @ $45 per hour)

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Regular Maintenance is Essential

A WordPress Maintenance Plan is essential. WordPress is updated regularly and many of the updates provide important new security features. WordPress Themes and Plugins also need regular updating in order to maintain security as well as compatibility.

The importance of regular updates was made very clear in early 2017 when a “Rest API” vulnerability was revealed in version 4.7 of WordPress which allowed sites to be defaced and content changed by hackers. The vulnerability was not publicly disclosed until a fix had been released. However, because many sites were not updated, it is estimated that more than 1 million websites were affected in some way.

Employing a regular backup and update strategy means that you can avoid any potential issues and keep your website running fast and smooth.


Regular backups are crucial to security. If your website is hacked without a backup, you may need to start over from scratch — which be very expensive. But with a current backup, your site can be restored in a few minutes. Coppertree House Maintenance Plans include offsite storage of your complete website, so even if your web host has a system wide problem, your website backups are safe and secure.


I offer different plans for different needs. For simple websites, with no need for content updating you might only need occasional backups and a basic update strategy to maintain security, speed and functionality. The Economy Maintenance Plan, for only $15 per month (or $10/month annual plan) will keep your website up-to-date and regularly backed up.

For sites with higher traffic, regular content updates and, especially for sites with eCommerce features, the Basic Maintenance & Security Plan offers daily backups, basic security monitoring and any necessary troubleshooting*, whenever it’s required.

For websites that need regular content updates and new content or functions, the Expanded Maintenance & Security Plan offers an development staging website and 6 hours of prepaid support and regular content updates and additions over the course of one (1) year.

*Note: Out-of-date themes and plugins may not be compatible with the current version of WordPress and may require a rollback or replacement. Customized or out-of-date Themes & Plugins may also require additional testing and time to be billed at an hourly rate. Premium Theme updates require a current license.


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