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Web Design & Maintenance

We've been doing business on the internet for more than two decades*! Really!

Get Started On Your Own Website Today!

Want a brand new website? Would you like to take your current website to the next level? A full redesign? I'll make it happen quickly and affordably!

Do you want a simple, informational web site but not a huge bill to set it up? Or maybe you'd like a website to sell your products — an e-commerce site? Or a site that can take reservations for rooms, events, classes or clients? Maybe you'd just like to JAZZ things up a bit! I'd love to help you get started quickly and affordably.

Custom adjustments to suit your specific needs are not a problem! WordPress or HTML — choose your own theme or pick a responsive demo theme, included with a customized package. I'm happy to help with images, logo design and SEO customizations. Once you tell me what kind of site you'd like, I'll give you a firm bid to begin.

You'll be able to see and interact with your website before it goes live and test out any changes or customizations.  I host client development sites that you can view at any point during the development process.  There is no extra charge for your development site!

I'll make your website easy to use and update without asking you to pay the huge cost that many Web Design Companies charge.  I'll also respond quickly to your support and maintenance requests.


*I set up my first website, Esther & Son, in 1994.  Orginally served on (Portland, OR) then, in 1997,, running on a private, in-house, Windows NT 4.0 web server. Now, I'm using an in-house Ubuntu 12.05 LTS 'LAMP' Server environment running a 6-core processor w/ 8GB of RAM that can host a development 'sandbox' for your next web project!

About <span>Coppertree House</span><br
/> Web Design & Maintenance

It's Happening At Coppertree House!

A Home. An Office. A Web Design Studio. A Vacation Suite. A Gluten-Free Cooking School. There's even a  Metaphysical Zone! is our Home-Based Business Hub!

Affordable Web Design Rates

Some of the most affordable web design rates you'll find on the internet for creating, updating and maintaining your website.


Custom Designs & Updates


per hour

  • Tech Support
  • Fast Response
  • Javascript & PHP Customizations
  • Quick turnaround
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WordPress Installation

Basic Wordpress Installation


per Site

  • Responsive Theme
  • Contact Form
  • 5 Pages + Logo Placement
  • SEO Ready
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Custom Website

Build Your Perfect Website!

$500 +

per site

  • Premium Responsive Theme
  • Plugins & SEO
  • Logo + Location + Customizations
  • Development Site
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Support & Mantenance Plans starting at


6 months

  • 1 Hour per month
  • 6 Hours/6 months
  • WP, SEO & Content Updates
  • Backups & Troubleshooting
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Wordpress Demo Themes

I did not design these themes! These are themes that I have purchased to make available for clients. I have installed their included 'Demo' content to understand their pitfalls and potentials. Some have great features and some are very simple. I have done minimal 'corrections' or 'accelerations' but I have done some updates as necessary in order to make them fully functional with the latest version of WordPress.
Look for the Coppertree House Logo to navigate between themes.

Web Design Testimonials

I love my Web Design clients!


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